Executive Leadership

The elected executive leadership below representes the Uintah County Republicans and is composed of four dedicated individuals who bring diverse skills and a shared passion for promoting the party’s values.

Kason Goodrich


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Matt Corbin

Vice Chairman

KD Gregory


Bradley Trede - Treasurer
Bradley Trede


Committee Members

In addition to the executive leadership, the Uintah County Republicans have a dedicated group of elected or appointed committee members who play a crucial role in advancing the party’s agenda and supporting its initiatives. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to their positions. With their unwavering commitment to conservative principles, they contribute to the party’s grassroots efforts, help organize local events, and actively engage with the community. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise in various fields allow for well-rounded perspectives in shaping the party’s strategies and policies. Working collaboratively with the executive leadership, these committee members exemplify the Uintah County Republicans’ commitment to fostering a strong and united conservative movement within the county.

Dana Haslem - Uintah County GOP
Dana Haslem

At Large Committee Member

Uintah County Republicans - Tamara Crimando
Tamara Crimando

At Large Committee Member

Emma Taylor - Committee Member - Uintah GOP
Emma Taylor

At Large Committee Member

Les Farnsworth

At Large Committee Member

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Tristan Durant

At Large Committee Member


At Large Committee Member

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