Vision Advertising Package

Vision Advertising Package


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Make a lasting impression at the Lincoln Day Dinner with our “Vision Advertising Package.” Available for $1,000, this package is designed to offer a comprehensive advertising experience, showcasing you or your brand across various high-impact platforms.

Package Highlights:

  • Name with Logo in Event Program: We’ll feature your brand name and logo prominently in our event program, ensuring visibility among our distinguished attendees.
  • Website Advertisement: Your brand will be showcased with an advertisement on our event’s official website, offering digital exposure to a wider audience both before and after the event.
  • Sponsorship Radio Ad Mention: Gain additional recognition with a mention in our sponsorship radio ad. This feature extends your reach to a broader listening audience, amplifying your brand’s presence.
  • Social Media Post: Leverage the influence of digital media with a dedicated post about your brand on our official social media channels. This placement connects you with our active online community.
  • 1/2 Page Ad in Program: A half-page advertisement in our beautifully designed event program offers a substantial space to convey your brand message effectively, ensuring a memorable impact on our attendees.

The “Vision Advertising Package” is an exclusive offer that integrates key advertising mediums, ideal for brands or individuals looking to make a significant impact at one of Uintah County’s most notable events

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